A bombastic Christmas present awaits the crypto industry on December 24 this year - The watershed moment ahead
05. November 2021
This year's Christmas Day is the earliest possible formal date for the SEC to approve the first Bitcoin SPOT ETF. Grayscale Investment CEO, Michael Sonnenheim is confident that his application to convert the flagship product Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (OTCQX: GBTC) into a Bitcoin Spot ETF will be approved by the SEC. He derives this from the agency's recent approval of various bitcoin futures ETFs. That would indeed be a watershed moment for the entire Crypto space, if there were not the SEC ...

Crypto breaks Wall Street’s ETF barrier: A watershed moment or stopgap? Markus Hammer in Cointelegraph
24. October 2021
Markus Hammer's and other market experts' views on the first Bitcoin Futures ETF issuance in the U.S. (i.e. the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO)) - in an article of Andrew Singer in Cointelegraph

Ethereum & Co. as general-purpose blockchains are more than Bitcoin
23. October 2021
General purpose blockchains like Ethereum are more than Bitcoin as a single purpose Blockchain. The underlying network with its literally unlimited use cases generates higher value to the real world ... and longer term that will also be reflected in the valuation of the coin, despite, price correlation between BTC and ETH is still high, currently. In this article on MoreThanDigital, I will highlight the similarities and differences between the two networks and what Ethereum’s additional...

Crypto-Nation Switzerland still not welcoming crypto-companies: All there, except for the Bank-accounts - What's the Reason? POLL - PLEASE VOTE !!
18. September 2021
Switzerland offers excellent framework conditions and ecosystems in the blockchain and crypto sector, deserves international recognition as a hub and avant-garde (see more in a previous article). One would think that everything is in place to attract crypto companies, especially startups, if it weren't for the fact that blockchain founders simply can't find banks within the country's borders to open a business account, on which every company ultimately depends. Focal point of the problem lies...

While Crypto Market Switzerland is increasingly filling up with traditional banks, UBS and CS remain spectators - probably not for much longer
11. September 2021
Crypto Nation Switzerland has outstanding starting conditions for crypto and digital asset ventures, not only for fintechs, neo or non-banks. Traditional banks are also increasingly venturing into the new terrain. On the one hand, the blockchain and crypto ecosystem that has been developed around Crypto Valley for years provides the necessary basis. More essential, especially for traditional banks, is the clear set of rules created by the DLT Act, which provides a legally and regulatory...

Cardano and Coinfirm partnering to fight Money Laundering - and Decentralization?
28. August 2021
Cardano Foundation partners with Coinfirm to facilitate full #compliance of its native cryptocurrency #ADA with the #FATF and related locally derived Anti Money Laundering (#AML) and Combatting Financing of Terrorism (#CFT) laws around the world The Cardano Foundation emphasizes its ambition to "set the direction for DECENTRALIZED economic empowerment, working with regulators in different jurisdictions to shape blockchain legislation and commercial standards, and empowering the Cardano...

The Monsters I created or: Defi under increased regulatory pressure
22. August 2021
Regulators are desperately trying to tame the "monster" Cefi and incumbent financial industry created itself back in 2008 - We remember Financial Crisis > Bitcoin > Ethereum > Smartcontracts > Defi > DAO > ... After CFTC s Dan Berkovitz, SEC's Hester Pierce and others before, this time it is SEC Chair Gensler to call for Defi supervision, concretely Defi-platforms to register with the SEC. But how is it that a completely decentralized financial architecture, operating via...

Ethereum's big step forward towards Proof of Stake and a carbon-friendly #crypto future for the world's most used #blockchain
08. August 2021
The London hard fork after years of work is now a reality. This milestone introduces essential features to the ecosystem, particularly: - Burning a portion of #Ether / #ETH, instead of producing them to pay the miners and - at times - even causing deflationary effects - Expanding block-size providing better fee transparency and execution reliability to the users But probably the most significant achievement from a platform perspective is the simple fact that the London hard fork just worked...

The U.S. against China - A battle for global trade supremacy fought on the backs of cryptocurrencies through contrary regulatory approaches
02. August 2021
At the same time that China has launched its intense crackdown on #cryptocurrencies, in the U.S., Corporate America appears to be welcoming crypto, and liberal regulatory approaches seem to be on the rise. #cryptoregulation in the two biggest economies of the world appear more and more to be a proxy for the struggle between two social and political systems for trade supremacy: There, China's autocratic system striving for complete control, significantly steered by the PBOC (People's Bank of...

Markus Hammer's view in Cointelegraph: Binance and Tether an unholy alliance, forcing regulators to act?
11. July 2021
In this article of cointelegraph, the various reasons for regulators to mobilize against #Binance are explained, Binance the biggest #cryptoexchange worldwide and barely regulated / authorized. The reasons in a nutshell: - Binance mostly not regulated licenced by local authorities from a #AML or investor protection perspective - Binance having issued a defective own crypto financial product, the Binance Leveraged Token (BLVT) and regulators feel deemed to protect themselves of charges not to...

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